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Building a prototype for simple visualization or even to demonstrate its functionality, can be prohibitively expensive. There are different development stages during the product design and prototyping process which require different types of prototypes.

What kind of prototype do you need?


The visual prototype is usually used by inventors and alike, assessing how to manufacture the equipment or product itself. The most common reasons are showcasing the overall shape and dimensions or exzibiting the product, although it is not functional due to the fact that it does not contain working parts. Despite that, visual prototypes can be painted to portray a more realistic representation of the final product, or even presented as raw material.


Used mainly for demonstrating the core functionality of the product, the proof-of-concept prototype can showcase the technical aspects of the final product. Using economical materials, the prototype will have the functionality of the production stage product but without the hi cost of using industrial grade materials. Even so, it will appear exactly as the final product will.


The presentation prototype can represent how the end invention will look and work. It is a fully functional end product offering functionality demonstration. To minimize the prototype cost, a mix of industrial grade materials and off-the-shelf components is used in order to balance the overall cost efficiency and design quality. This prototype is used to show product viability prior to mass production.


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