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Digital is better


In today’s commercial heating and air conditioning world, we face many challenges. Whether reducing energy consumption in a system, offering greener solutions, or simply improving comfort levels, one technology stands above the rest – the digital compressor. It offers improved comfort through precise temperature and humidity control and can achieve amazing energy savings in comparison to traditional methods of system modulation through its unique capacity modulation capabilities.

Superior-efficiency performance

Traditional means of modulation such as hot gas bypass unload without changing compressor capacity. Unfortunately, that means a compressor running at full capacity is consuming the maximum amount of energy during the bypass cycle. This scenario is a recipe for energy inefficiency and unnecessary operating costs. The digital way offers compressor modulation from 10-100%, allowing our cooling systems to automatically adjust capacity as needed while reducing energy consumption. This newest scroll technology is up to 30 percent more efficient than traditional methods of system modulation.

Comfort to match your needs

Imagine a restaurant dining room, a theater, or a classroom. Each application has its peak hours, when maximum cooling is needed to maintain complete comfort. You can count on the Digital compressor to be right there, cooling at 100 percent capacity. Remember, comfort is needed at off-peak hours too. That’s where this compressor really impresses. When less cooling is needed, the digital compressor can cool at as little as 10 percent capacity. So a constant temperature can be easily maintained within ± 0.5 degrees Celcius at any time of day, whether the room is mostly empty or standing room only.

Fewer start-stops mean enhanced reliability.

It’s the worst thing you can do to a compressor. Turn it on. Then turn it off. Then turn it on again. But when your compressor offers a capacity range of 10 to 100 percent, it doesn’t need to start-stop as often as a traditional compressor. That means enhanced reliability and less maintenance.


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