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Channel Partners

Rendev Channel Partner Program

Rendev is committed to our ecosystem strategy. We are always improving our Channel Partner Program, to help our partners make the very best use on their market coverage. We offer our Channel Partners better commercial tools, training, joint marketing and cooperation opportunities, in order to grow their business.

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Provide an open platform, industrial and technical experts, as well as the knowhow to support the building, development and verification of solution end-products.


Provide support in marketplaces, marketing activities and exhibitions, helping you to market solutions to end-customers and channel partners.


Offer incentives to Rendev global channel partners, leading to sales and business success.


Provide a variety of delivery solutions and services for customers and solution partners, leading to successful customer relationships and partnerships.

Solution Partner Growth Path

1. Basic Level

  • Partner Contract
  • Dedicated space
  • Staff Training

2. Preferred Level

  • Sales Network
  • Promotional Initiatives
  • Repeatable Sales

3. Advanced Level

  • Solution Launching
  • Openlab Access
  • Growth and Innovation


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